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Increase the Foot Traffic for Your Business. With so many Baby Boomers now reaching the age of 50 and older, it is important that all businesses address the issues regarding Handicap Accessibility. As these Baby Boomers find their way into retirement, they also may find themselves with declining mobility function and a high need for assistance. Commercial buildings that have products available to assist in mobility will most definitely succeed in the continuous of their customers. If your building is not handicap friendly, the solutions is simple. Adding a Harmar Summit Stairlift to your staircase will ease the pain and hardship some experience when trying to tackle the stairs, and also give you the advantage over the rest. Save yourself from a costly installation of an elevator, or damaging construction to the foundation and wall of your building. Our line of Commercial Stairlifts is sure to be a wonderful addition to your business or church.


Harmar SL600 Pinnacle Stair Lift


At 11 inches when folded, the Harmar Pinnacle is the narrowest Stairlift available on the market! Its energy efficient worm drive generates the safest and smoothest ride available for commercial lifts. The unit is DC powered so it runs even in the event of a power outage. The Harmar pinnacle has created the industry’s first automatic fold for situations where obstructions are at the bottom of the stairway.

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Harmar SL350 AC/DC Stair Lift


Our Bestselling line of Commercial lifts is the Harmar Summit is the SL350AC/DC Stairlift. Many great features apply with additional options like the side car basket for carrying groceries or any other items, and the 115VAC or 24VDC power source. The seat and footrest fold to save space leaving the overall width when folded at 14 inches.

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Highlander Commercial VPL

Indoors or Outdoors at any commercial location, the Highlander CPL will help make your building accessible where you need it. Models include automatic door openers, wireless controls and even an optional dome to enclose the lift. Heights can range from 4’ to 14’


  • 750 LB loading rate

  • 1 year warranty on parts

  • Safety pans and non-skid surface

  • Smaller footprint than other manufacturers’ lifts

  • Meets ASME A18.1 Safety Standards


  • Wall mounted controls

  • Battery power

  • Key switch control

  • Top landing gate

  • Enclosed model available with optional Dome

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