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Millions of Americans find it difficult to get around due to serious injury or the natural aging process. Products such as scooters, and power chairs make getting around easier and more comfortable to still take part in daily activities. Each type of PMD is designed with specific purposes in mind and each model has its own specifications. We only supply the best! As an Authorized Pride Provider, our Pride Mobility Products are the highest quality mobility solutions. The technology used in testing and designing each and every product is what makes Pride the reliable and well-known Brand is has come to be. We sell and service Pride Products because we know quality when we see it.

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  • Pride Scooters
    Pride has a large variety of models and options for any lifestyle. Our Pride Scooters are available in 3 or 4 wheel models, standard or heavy duty, your choice of color, and a number of different accessories to make your Pride Scooter an exact match to your needs. A popular series is the Go-Go Travel Scooter, which can be broken down into light weight pieces for easy travel. The compact scooter can navigate through hallways, sidewalks, and almost any tight space, and can also be stored away and transported easily! Mid-size, Heavy duty, and Full-size luxury mobility scooters are also available.
  • Pride Power Chairs

    Power Chairs are much more heavy duty than scooters. Pride Jazzy chair selections deliver a reliable blend of power, performance, and style. In-line front wheel drive technology gives the Jazzy excellent stability and maneuverability for solid performance indoors and outdoors. The chair is controlled by just the slightest movement of the hand, making it ideal for someone who has low motor skills. Each Jazzy has a number of great features and a low turn radius to aid in accessing more compressed areas.  

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